Product details –

Muneem is an online market place provide information on professional bookkeepers with years of experience such as accountants, Tax consultants, Chartered Accountant (CA), Company Secretary (CS), Tax lawyers to get an opportunity to attract more clients.

Problem –

Acquiring new clients –

In Indian market acquiring new business, client consumes a tremendous amount of time and money. Expanding business clients seem more challenging while maintaining existing clients.

Establishing Brand –

Account professional with a treasure of knowledge and best services do not have a local platform to showcase their experiences and quality services. As it may say, they lack on establishing their brand in the domestic market.

Acquiring non-domestic clients-

India has entered the age of technology where Online platforms are being used for research about anything and everything. Unfortunately, there is a lack of domestic online platforms that focuses just on local bookkeeper professionals and customers who seek such services.

Business potential –

Any domestic account professionals or businesses who seek to expand their business clientele and showcase their brand by providing account related services can use our online platform. On the other hand, Any local resident who seeks the service related to accounts can have a vast option on experience and certified professionals.

Our Services –

Improve your Image –

We provide an online market platform where account professional can showcase their knowledge and years of experience to provide exceptional services to the domestic market which focuses just on professional bookkeepers. This will help you have an upper hand in creating a brand in the service industry.

Increase Sales and revenue –

Marketing your brand and feedback from customers on our online platform will draw many local customers to your business. Which will increase your domestic sale and revenue for the company.

Grow your Clientele base –

Our Local platform will provide your information to those customers who particularly seek services in just accounting segments. This will help you attract new clients for the business.